Create Your
PBR Textures
in ArmorLab.

Texture Creation Software

ArmorLab is a stand-alone software designed for AI-powered texture authoring. Generate PBR textures using text prompts or by drag & dropping your photos.

Photo to Material

Extract base color, height, normal map, occlusion and roughness textures from a photo using a pre-trained deep neural network.

Text to Material

Create seamless PBR materials using text prompts. New materials can be endlessly generated, each starting from a different seed.


Use the tiling node to automatically turn your photos into seamless textures. Text-guided mode is avaliable to tile textures contaning big cohesive features like wall bricks.

Upscale and Variance

Use the upscale node to super-sample photos into high resolution textures. Remix single photo into multiple variants with the text-guided variance node.


Use the inpaint node to fill in texture details or remove unwanted parts from a photo by painting a mask. Replace parts of texture with desired detail via text prompts.

Path Traced Viewport

Build materials in a viewport with true light simulation. Experimental ray-tracing builds featuring path-traced viewport rendering with Direct3D12 and Metal are available for download.

Runs Everywhere

ArmorLab runs on Windows, Linux, macOS with iOS and Android builds coming soon. On desktop, ArmorLab is a portable application with no installation and near-instant start up. There is no dependency on cloud services and all processing is done on the host machine.